Implementation of the Divisional Indigenous Development Plan

Dr Melitta Hogarth – Assistant Dean, Indigenous 

Dr Melitta Hogarth was appointed Assistant Dean, Indigenous at MGSE in June 2020. In her new role, Dr Hogarth works across all areas of MGSE: building confidence and awareness of Indigenous education, fostering relationships with external stakeholders, promoting research initiatives, and supporting Indigenous students. She also has oversight of the delivery of the Divisional Indigenous Development Plan.


Dr Hogarth is a Kamilaroi woman and, before entering academia, taught for nearly 20 years across all three sectors of the Queensland education system. Her interests are in Indigenous education, equity and social justice.


All Graduate School staff had the opportunity to undertake Cultural Awareness Training in 2020 as part of the Graduate School’s commitment to the Divisional Indigenous Development Plan (DIDP).  


The professional development training was designed for all levels of experience, ensuring that staff gained a collective understanding to support the development of cultural competencies and practices in relation to decolonising education.


The program consisted of three interactive online sessions led by the Koorie Heritage Trust and included:

  • Cultural competence – meaning and importance

  • Australian settlement history (setting the scene and the legacy impact of colonisation on attitudes and lifestyle choices)

  • The building blocks of identity (definitions of Aboriginality – Aboriginal family values, land and identity, lore, dreaming and creation, myths of settlement)

  • The building blocks of identity – the Aboriginal community today (saying sorry, terminologies and statistical outline of Australia’s Indigenous population)

  • An introduction to developing personal strategies for working more effectively with Aboriginal people.


The Koorie Heritage Trust is located on the banks of the Yarra River at Federation Square and is committed to protecting, preserving and promoting the living culture of the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia.

Cultural Awareness Training
Indigenous resources

To celebrate NAIDOC week and the 2020 theme – #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe – the Graduate School collated a series of resources, books, articles, podcasts and playlists to promote discussion and showcase Indigenous knowledge and stories.

The multimedia resources are now a permanent part of the MGSE website and updated year-round to ensure that staff, students and the general public have access to a curated list of educational and cultural Indigenous resources.  

Divisional Indigenous Development Plan
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