In memoriam

Vale Professor David Clarke

The Graduate School farewells much-loved colleague Professor David Clarke, who died in early 2020. Family, friends, students and colleagues from MGSE attended a memorial service held at the University, which was also streamed online so colleagues from around the world could pay their respects.


A Professor of Education at MGSE since 2004, Professor Clarke left behind a rich academic legacy, including 12 books, 50 book chapters, 70 refereed journal articles and 90 refereed conference proceedings. He established the International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR) in 2003, a specialised facility that generated, stored and analysed complex classroom data. The ICCR’s flagship project – The Learner’s Perspective Study – examined the practices of eighth grade mathematics classrooms in a more integrated and comprehensive fashion than had been attempted previously.


Over the last 20 years, Professor Clarke received 18 Australian Research Council grants, with 14 as Chief Investigator. His research activity spanned more than 20 countries and centred on capturing the complexity of classroom practice through a programme of international video-based classroom research. The combination of theoretical, methodological and technological advances, and the creation of an engaged international research community, moved the field towards greater critical self-reflection. His work also heralded a shift towards more sophisticated research designs and tools for understanding complex teaching and learning practices.

The site of Professor Clarke’s video research facility in the Kwong Lee Dow building was officially named the David Clarke Research Classroom by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education in December 2019.

Dr Sinclair.png
Vale Dr Christine Sinclair 

The Graduate School mourns the loss of esteemed colleague Dr Christine Sinclair, who died in 2020. Family, friends, students and colleagues as well as Australian and international leaders in arts and drama education attended the funeral, which was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions. MGSE colleague Dr Jane Bird gave a moving tribute that spoke of Dr Sinclair’s collaborative, artistic and scholarly work as a teacher, writer, director, leader and researcher.


The head of drama education at MGSE, Dr Sinclair taught and conducted research across a range of arts and drama education programs, from teacher education to community, youth arts and Shakespeare. Her research interests included community arts and cultural development, performed research and reflective practitioner research, and innovative and creative pedagogies. She was also director of publications and editor of the internationally peer reviewed journal, Nj: the Journal for Drama Australia, and was a co-editor and contributing author for Education in the Arts published by Oxford University Press.