In the conversation

MGSE academic staff featured regularly in mainstream and industry media, taking an active role in public debates on education policy, schools, leadership and student wellbeing. 

Covid 19

Professor Janet Clinton in the Life Beyond Coronavirus webinar series, Pursuit


Dr Matt Harrison on Sunday Extra, ABC Radio National

Home School

Professor John Hattie on The World Today, ABC

Playing Games

Professor Dianne Vella-Broderick in The Age and associated Nine newspapers

Image by Warren Wong

Professor Jim Watterston

in The Courier Mail

Online Workshop

Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies on ABC News Radio

Professor John Hattie and Professor Janet Clinton in 

Education Today

Entering School Gate

Associate Professor Peggy Kern in The Age and associated Nine newspapers

Associate Professor Kay Margetts in The Age and associated Nine newspapers

College Students

Roger Holdsworth and the Youth Research Centre in 
Australian Teacher Magazine


Professor Jim Watterston The World Today, ABC Radio

Ordering Online

Dr Chelsea Hyde on The World Today, ABC Radio

Walking on Campus

Dr Gwilym Croucher and Dr James Waghorne in The Conversation

Art Sculpture

Dr Kathryn Coleman in Teacher Magazine

Child on Wheelchair

Catherine Smith on Life Matters, ABC Radio National

Professor John Hattie in ABC News Online and republished in NineMSN

Sports Shoes

Anna Krohn in The Australian Financial Review

Students Taking Exams

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan on ABC Local Radio

Professor William Locke and the MCSHE in The Australian

Round Library

Dr James Waghorne on 
Rear Vision,
ABC Radio National

Attendant with a Clipboard

Dr Paige Williams in The Age and associated

Nine newspapers

Lecture Hall

Dr Geoff Sharrock in 

The Australian Financial Review

Office Hallway

Ian Marshman, Janet Beard and

Elizabeth Baré in The Conversation