In the spotlight

Throughout 2020, Graduate School academics took an active role in the community response to COVID-19, providing expert commentary and practical advice to students, teachers and families as they dealt with the rapid pace of change. 

Young Girl with Mask
Life Beyond Coronavirus
Job Interview
Hack Investigates: Does a uni degree help me get a job?
At Home
The family lockdown guide: how to emotionally prepare for coronavirus quarantine
School Break
Old Book
Navigating our future through literature
Degraves Street Melbourne
'It's not about you': A guide for Victorians and non-Victorians in conversation
High School Friends
Commuter with Headphones
Still working from home? Time to start the ‘fake commute’
Kids Reading Outdoor
‘How can we best help the kids through this crisis? We asked the experts’
Playing a Game
Our children play more online games than ever. Here's how you can take a more active role as a parent
Aboriginal Style Dot Painting
Teaching Indigenous histories to inform the future
Online Tutorial
Child at Psychologist
The secrets of secrets revealed by psychologist
Urban Garden
Have you been enjoying the hermit life of iso?
Colorful Chalks
Coronavirus pandemic pressure eased by children's chalk messages and letters of thanks
Family Preparing Breakfast
The Project's
Family Survival Guide
Empty Hallway
The impact of coronavirus on Australian schools
Image by Manny Becerra
Fires then COVID-19: The struggle to cope with 2020's disasters
Concerns young people to be profoundly affected by covid-19 economic fallout for years to come
City Lights
Demystifying the International Baccalaureate
Crying Doll
Why some dolls are better for your kids than others
Aussie rules: what study can teach us
Distance Learning
Three ways to help your child's learning at home
Reading Books in Library
The kids are alright: young adult post-disaster novels can teach us about trauma and survival

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