International projects

and partnerships

Melbourne Indonesia Research Partnership Program 
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Dr Anne Suryani was awarded a Melbourne-Indonesia Research Partnership Program (MIRPP) grant to investigate Indonesian pre-service teachers’ experiences and perceptions of religious in/tolerance and their motivations to promote religious tolerance in schools. 


The MIRPP grant will further strengthen her collaboration with the University of Surabaya researchers, which was previously funded by the Indonesia Democracy Hallmark Research Initiative. 


This large-scale study will set the foundations for preparing Indonesian pre-service teachers in adopting tolerance in their professional practice. 

Content and Integrated Learning course for teachers at Dehong International Chinese Schools

In 2020, the Dehong Group partnered with MGSE’s Associate Professor Russell Cross to deliver a six-module, three-month Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course to teachers at the three Dehong schools.


The professional learning program focused on the introduction of CLIL, which is an evolving educational approach to teaching and learning where subjects are taught and studied through the medium of a non-native language.


To further embed CLIL across the curriculum, the project introduced Campus Based Leads. This approach gave program participants the opportunity to develop their shared and instructional leadership capacities through group sessions.

Review of the curriculum in
the Philippines
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The Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC), a joint venture between MGSE’s Assessment Research Centre and the University of the Philippines, conducted a major review of the Philippine curriculum, which was rolled out between 2011 and 2017. The review highlighted significant challenges in the curriculum, including curriculum overcrowding and difficulties with the sequencing of learning progressions.


ACTRC is working in partnership with the Philippine Department of Education to implement the recommendations, supported by the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Launch of online Master of Applied Positive Psychology

The Graduate School’s Centre for Positive Psychology will be running a joint online Master of Applied Positive Psychology with Tsinghua University in 2022. The announcement was made at the 25th Anniversary of the Tsinghua/University of Melbourne collaboration in November 2020. A pilot program will begin in February 2021 with a small cohort as a precursor to the joint offering pending further development by teams from both universities.

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The Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the United Nations

Professor Helen Cahill and her team are leading four international projects commissioned by UN agencies. Three are current projects (UNESCO Global, UNESCO Asia–Pacific Region and UN Women) and one project with UN Women that was completed in late 2020.

UN Women, Timor Leste

The UN Women, Timor Leste project is supporting a research trial involving 45 schools in Timor Leste. Graduate School staff are building capacity in teaching and research so that local organisations can conduct a research trial of Connect with Respect. Authored by Professor Helen Cahill and MGSE colleagues, the Connect with Respect program addresses the prevention of gender-based violence. This trial runs from 2020 to 2022 and builds on a previous smaller pilot study conducted in 2019-20.


UNESCO Global 

The UNESCO Global program is an analysis of data from the pilot studies of Connect with Respect. The project includes data from pilots conducted in four countries in Africa (Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Zambia and Tanzania), and three countries in the Asia-Pacific region (Thailand, Vietnam and Timor Leste). The program runs from 2020 to 2021.


UNESCO Asia-Pacific

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific is an action research project supporting tertiary educators in universities and colleges across Nepal and Myanmar. The project staff use evidence-based approaches to educate pre-service teachers in the areas of healthy relationships, including a focus on social and emotional learning, comprehensive sexuality education, and education for the prevention of gender-based violence. The program began in 2020 will be completed in 2021.


UN Women: Region of Asia-Pacific 

The UN Women: Region of Asia-Pacific project involves capacity building for teachers and monitoring and evaluation support for the Connect with Respect pilot study in Thailand, Vietnam and Timor Leste. The program ran from 2019 until 2020. 

3H strategy for reading comprehension pilot in India
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The Science of Learning and Learning Intervention teams lead by Dr Sean Kang and Professor Lorraine Graham successfully conducted an online workshop with 50 educators from Andhra Pradesh on the 3H strategy. The 3H strategy training provides students with explicit instruction about how to use text information appropriately in order to answer written comprehension questions.


The Graduate School’s Indian partner, ShikshaLokam, is also setting up partnerships to underpin the scaling of professional learning in Andra Prudesh and the Punjab. A full scale research project is being investigated with key academic and system level partners for a potential roll out across selected states in India.

UA-DAAD Funding awarded to Jan van Driel and Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach

Professor Jan van Driel and Dr Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach were awarded funding through the Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme. The project, 'Science teachers’ professional competencies related to scientific reasoning: Relationship with pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs', was one of 32 projects selected for funding in this round.


The Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme is a joint initiative of Universities Australia (UA) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The scheme supports German researchers who are collaborating with and spending time at the University of Melbourne.

Proposed delivery of Inclusive Education Workshops in Latin America.

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s work with partners in Latin America to implement inclusive education and sustainable learning continued throughout 2020. Dr Lisa McKay-Brown, Professor Lorraine Graham and colleagues presented remotely to academic staff and students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in November.


Other collaborations with the Universidad Austral de Chile in Argentina and the Australia-Latin America Training Academy (ALATA) based in Melbourne and Quito, Ecuador have been strengthened. Plans are underway to co-deliver online workshops to primary, secondary and tertiary educators in Peru alongside ALATA colleagues during 2021. These workshops will be hosted by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru and the Ministry of Education based in Lima.

Memorandum of understanding with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
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The Melbourne Graduate School of Education signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI - West Bengal Chapter) in 2020. The Graduate School’s Dr Arnaldo Barone and Professor William Locke will be working with FICCI’s West Bengal chapter to design and develop a series of programs for capacity building and leadership development in the higher education sector.

Investigating the complexity of classroom practice

The Assessment Research Centre (ARC), in partnership with the Assessment, Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC) in the Philippines have been contracted by UNICEF to explore the feasibility of using micro-credentials for the Alternative Learning System (ALS). The ALS provides an alternate pathway to existing formal education and is open to anyone who has not been able to complete basic education as mandated by the Philippine Constitution.


The research team will examine the feasibility and implications of introducing an alternate micro-certification system for ALS learners as a response to the challenges of the current Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) system in the ALS. The current A&E test is a high-stakes accreditation process run once a year which measures competencies acquired by ALS learners based on the ALS K–12 Basic Education Curriculum.


The opportunity for the ARC and ACTRC to collaborate with UNICEF and Department of Education to explore the potential of micro-certification for participants in ALS is an exciting endeavor. The project team anticipates that this work will be beneficial in developing approaches to the certification of competencies for ALS learners in the Philippines.

Universitas 21 Researcher
Resilience Fund 

Dr Marian Mahat and Dr Joanne Blannin from MGSE along with collaborators from the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong, were awarded a Universitas 21 Researcher Resilience Fund on 'Reimagining Academic Horizons: Stories we tell'. Funding was awarded to projects designed to develop the network’s PhD and early career researchers’ capability and capacity to work digitally in a post-COVID-19 world.