New appointments

Professor Janet Clinton – Deputy Dean

Professor Janet Clinton, Director of the Centre for Program Evaluation at MSGE, commenced her new role of Deputy Dean in May 2020.


Professor Clinton has extensive national and international experience as an evaluator, psychologist and educator, and has an extensive publication record. She also teaches a number of post-graduate subjects in the field of Evaluation.


Since coming on board as Deputy Dean, Janet has contributed to the development, refinement and communication of the Graduate School’s strategy and future direction, including the academic leadership of MGSE’s staffing portfolio.

Associate Professor Suzanne Rice – Associate Dean (Engagement)

Associate Professor Suzanne Rice took on the role of Associate Dean (Engagement) in 2020. In this key role, she oversees the engagement portfolio and related projects, including the development and implementation of MGSE’s Engagement Strategy.


Associate Professor Rice is the Deputy Director of the Assessment Research Centre. She has researched and published widely in the areas of testing policy and the impact of high-stakes testing programs. Her other research interests include teacher motivation and pathways, and career development provision in schools.

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Professor Yong Zhao – Professor in Educational Leadership 

Professor Yong Zhao joined MGSE in June 2020 as the new Professor in Educational Leadership. His work focuses on the implications of globalisation and technology on education and he has published over 100 articles and 30 books.


Professor Zhao is also Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas. He has served in senior academic roles at the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education at the University of Oregon, and at Michigan State University.

Dr Melitta Hogarth – Assistant Dean, Indigenous 

Dr Melitta Hogarth began her new position as Assistant Dean, Indigenous at MGSE in June 2020. In her new role, Dr Hogarth works across all areas of MGSE: building confidence and awareness of Indigenous education, fostering relationships with external stakeholders, promoting research initiatives, and supporting Indigenous students. She also has oversight of the delivery of the Divisional Indigenous Development Plan.


Dr Hogarth is a Kamilaroi woman and, before entering academia, taught for nearly 20 years across all three sectors of the Queensland education system. Her interests are in Indigenous education, equity and social justice.

MGSE Executive Board 

In early 2020, the MGSE Executive Board welcomed back Professor Helen Cahill and Professor Liz McKinley after their extended study leave. The Board also welcomed the new Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Associate Professor John Quay, and the new Associate Dean (Research), Professor Sophie Arkoudis. The continuing members of the Executive in 2020 were MGSE Dean Jim Watterston, MGSE Executive Director Keryn Negri, Professor John Polesel, Professor Lorraine Graham, Phil Tudor and Stephanie Watson.