Pursuit: highlights from 2020

Australia’s universities need to be free

Legislation allowing ministers to veto universities’ international agreements puts the student, research and societal benefits of international cooperation at risk. 

Playing for participation.jpg
Playing for participation

eSports has been touted as the future of sport in a post-COVID-19 world, but schools are uniquely placed to foster learning, collaboration and skills in gaming clubs.

Remembrance Day- updating an incomplete
Remembrance Day: updating an incomplete record

Almost a century after the First World War, the University’s war records are still being updated with new names of those who served and died - and there may be more.

Emerging from covid-19 and taking the ch
Emerging from covid-19 and taking the chance to change

Across Australia, restrictions are loosening and now is a good time to take stock of how COVID-19 has changed our lives – and where we go from here.

Five tips for year 12 students preparing
Five tips for year 12 students preparing for exams

As Year 12 students prepare for their final exams during COVID-19, there are steps parents, carers and students can take to get through this final secondary school hurdle.

Australian literature’s great silence

The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the systemic racism in Australian society; a new study suggests that we must question the very white stories told in our classrooms.

Helping to develop empathy in digital classrooms

When it comes to empathy development during COVID-19, how can schools help their students to develop and grow when being face-to-face with their peers and teachers isn’t an option?

How social and emotional learning can help school kids cope

In the wake of an emergency, social and emotional learning programs in school can play a vital role in supporting student mental wellbeing.


The COVID-19 downturn means more people will be considering career changes into teaching, but we need to be doing more to ensure that once they start teaching, they will want to stay.

Our changing identities under COVID-19

The fallout from the pandemic is a challenge to many people’s identity, but some of us have fewer resources to cope when our worlds are turned upside down.

Being a teacher during covid-19

A survey of teachers in Australia finds they were working harder and longer during remote learning. But there are also important lessons for the future of education.

Future proofing australian students with
Future proofing Australian students with ‘new credentials’

A new report offers a glimpse into the next generation of school and university credentials and aims to redefine success for school leavers and graduates.

Education in extreme times

While the desire for a return to business-as-usual (or curriculum-as-usual) is understandable, COVID-19 is an opportunity for educators to re-think the relationship between school and life.

Embracing a new normal in ourselves and communities

COVID-19 restrictions have gone on long enough to establish new habits. So what do we want to keep doing and stop doing, both individually and as a community?

How do we teach students about their wellbeing online?

As schools across the globe have settled into online teaching, the next step will be how to teach social emotional learning in digital classrooms

Managing your family’s cabin fever 

Families self-isolating together can bring the worst out in each other. Here’s how to avoid becoming a shark, turtle or fox, and instead, channeling your penguin, teddy-bear or owl.

Helping year 12 students stay on track’.
Helping year 12 students stay on track

As Term 2 starts for many students, COVID-19 means schooling at home has become a reality. So, how can parents and carers help? Particularly those in their final year of school?

Psychology of isolation.jpg
The Psychology of Isolation

Self-isolation needn’t be a burden; it can be an opportunity for self-reflection and renewal. Here are some tips for preparing yourself and, possibly even, enjoying the experience.

How to keep your head during COVID-19.jp
How to keep your head during covid-19

When there’s a crisis the first impulse can be fear and panic. But the COVID-19 pandemic demands clear thought, here is one way to adapt your thinking.

Five tips for keeping kids learning at h
Five tips for keeping kids learning at home

As schools in several Australian states close their doors, many parents are concerned about the disruption to their child’s education. So, what’s the best way to keep kids learning at home?

Tech-bots, virtual worlds and personalised 

Technology is changing our world at an unprecedented rate, and it’s up to educators to help equip today’s children to become future-ready citizens.

Our business leaders must think critical
Our business leaders must think critically

Critical thinking has become highly valued in business, but these skills aren’t taught to business students. So, how do we ensure that the next generation of business leaders don’t repeat the mistakes of the past?

The enduring ‘cultural cringe’ about teaching Australian literature

Australian literature hasn’t received the attention it deserves in the classroom, but a new project aims to help teachers share its diversity with Australian high-school students.

Young and Curious 0C4A9370.jpg
The young and curious: how science gallery can break down silos

An innovative longitudinal study will explore and challenge what young people want from their cultural institutions.